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Fostering Hope and Changing Lives
Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is a collaborative process in which the counselor joins the client in their journey to change and improve their quality of life. Through treatment, you can learn skills to handle difficult situations, make healthy decisions, and reach goals.

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Marriage and Premarital Counseling

Marriage and premarital counseling help couples in various stages of their relationship gain insight into their relationship, resolve conflict, and improve relationship satisfaction. Through various therapeutic interventions, couples make thoughtful decisions about improving unhealthy patterns of relating and rebuilding and strengthening their relationship.

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Family Counseling

Family counseling aims to improve family communication, solving family problems, understanding and handling special family situations, and creating a better functioning home environment. Family counseling also includes:

  • Parenting Counseling works to improve parenting relationships by reducing conflict and improving communication, ultimately protecting and improving the children's overall well-being.

  • Coparenting Coaching is designed to help parents put their anger and hurt aside, find balance in their lives while remaining the best parents they can be so that they can move forward in a civil way for the well-being of their children. 

  • TraumaPlay is a therapeutic model developed by Paris Goodyear-Brown, a flexible, phase-based model for treating children. In addition to non-directive play approaches, TraumaPlay uses attachment-focused play therapy approaches that include Parents as Partners, cognitive-behavioral play therapy interventions, sandtray methods, and other expressive therapy techniques. CLICK HERE to get started with TraumaPlay.

  • In-Home Counseling (unavailable due to COVID) In-Home therapy takes place when a therapist provides counseling in a person's home. It addresses the behavioral health needs in the home to improve communication patterns of interaction, enhance problem-solving, limit-setting, risk management/safety planning, communication to build skills to strengthen the family. 

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Transitional Living Services (Professional Services)

THE LINK, a nonprofit Christian agency, strives to empower Deaf teens and young adults to transition from surviving and coping to living the abundant life accessible to them. 

Speaking/Teaching Engagements

I am passionate about fostering hope and healing for individuals, parents/caregivers, couples, and families as they navigate the stages of life. I am also enthusiastic about equipping mental health professionals and professional interpreters through important mental health trainings in their respective fields. I enjoy getting to share in conferences, podcasts, organizations, churches, and as well as regularly conduct webinars.

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